In January of 2020 my 5 year mortgage expired and as I was now semi-retired
my financial situation was not very favourable for most mortgage companies.

I reached out to Bobby Magee. I knew he was a mortgage broker and decided I
could use his assistance.

We had a conversation about what kind of mortgage I was looking for and what
my financial parameters were and for the next couple of weeks Bobby presented
me with several scenarios, explained the advantages and disadvantages of
each. I decided on an option that provided me with a reduced monthly mortgage
expense and gave me the flexibility to make changes in the future, if I chose to.

I felt well informed and confident that I had selected the right option for me.

I recommend Bobby to you, as a professional in researching potential
mortgages and providing sound advice.

Val M.

Val Mason

I finally finished the paperwork on the refinancing of my mortgage today. I don’t think I’ve ever signed my name so many times. So much paperwork. But thank you, Bobby Magee, best mortgage broker ever!

PJ Purdue